Interpreter Management System (IMS)


Interpreter Management system is a state of the art, purpose built, booking management system for managing interpreters.Our team of highly skilled Software Engineers are able to work with your organisation to determine your business requirements.


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Coordinate booking with speed and efficiency

  • Calendar interface to simplify bookings & manage time
  • Easily update bookings
  • Batch requests for sending to agencies in a few clicks
  • Allocate according to interpreter’s availability


  • Mobile friendly
  • Browser based
  • No software installation required
  • Unlimited users

Save Costs

  • Fast efficient streamlined single system easy for all staff to work with
  • Detailed statistics that assist managing your languages department efficiently
  • Easy interface to manage making iterations, unmet and rescheduling bookings in a few clicks

Manage people time and budget

  • Statistics to see closed, unmet, canceled bookings
  • Budget staff with real-time statistics
  • Forecast languages of high or low demand
  • Create meaningful reports for upper management
  • Secure interface for all concerned

How IMS helps improve language service department.

With a successful deployment in over 18 hospitals, IMS has revolutionalised the interpreter scheduling process with a higher efficiency in reducing the patient wait times.

Primaxis IMS by numbers

Providing interpreters is an integral service provided by many of the hospitals and medical centers. Interpreter scheduling can be a very dynamic and ever-changing process with thousands of bookings which can, in turn, mean thousands of changes. Here are few statistics showing a successful deployment of IMS in the healthcare industry.

Total Interpreter Booking Requests

Total Unique Patients cared for

Hospitals Using IMS

Why choose Interpreter Management System (IMS)?

ims Primaxis device support

Language departments do an amazing job, sometimes managing over a 100 different languages. Coordinating this process can be resource intensive and demanding. At times, language service departments have not been equipped with the right tools to manage bookings, predict trends or foresee demands. IMS will simplify the complex task of managing interpreters and their availability.

ims hospital logo

Benefits for hospitals

  • Seamless integration with hospital or medical centre systems
  • Analytical dashboard identifying bookings life cycle
  • Reporting tools for languages, clinics, sites, agencies, and interpreters
  • Simplified interpreter scheduling  by language, date, and availability
  • The ability for agency bookings to be managed and exported
  • Security controls depending on roles such as Manager, Coordinator, Interpreter, or Requester
  • Easily manage and view unallocated bookings, interpreter calendars, canceled bookings
  • Interpreter one-stop solution to view their bookings, update the status and self-allocate new bookings
ims Features

IMS Features

  • Grid View
  • Mobile/Tablet screen responsive design
  • Colour code Status, Interpreters in Grid view
  • Integration with Hospital Patient Management System like iPM, Homer, etc
  • Quick Search of bookings records
  • Real-time patient data information pull from Patient Management System
  • Real-time alerts for booking records which are not allocated or cancellation requested, etc


Role Based Access IMS features

ims manager view

Manager Role

  • Calendar: View all Interpreter Bookings by Month, Week, Day
  • Reports: Summary, Report by Language, Report by Interpreter, Export Report to Excel
  • Work Planner: Manage Interpreter working hours
  • Manage Interpreter: Register Interpreter, Configure Languages for Interpreters, Manage Leaves, Add/Remove IMS Roles
  • Manage Agency: Add/Remove Agencies
  • Switch Role: Switch to Coordinator to perform Coordinator specific tasks, Switch to Interpreter to perform Interpreter specific tasks
  • Manage Clinic List: Add/Edit/Remove Clinic names used by IMS
  • Manage Keywords: This is to control few application related keywords
  • Manage Requesters: Add/Remove Locations of Requesters, Remove Requesters access from the system if required

Coordinator Role

  • Request New Bookings
  • Allocate Bookings to Interpreter or Agency
  • Bulk selection action on booking records from Grid view
  • Update Booking Statuses
  • Add/Edit Interpreters working hours (delete access to manager role only)
  • Edit Bookings directly from Grid view like allocation, comments, etc
ims pie chart report

Interpreter Role

  • Calendar View to view booking records by month, week, day
  • Self Allocated bookings (controlled by keywords)
  • View all booking records (controlled by keywords)
  • View all incomplete bookings
  • Patient data pull from Patient Management System like Patient Attendance, GP Information, In-patient hospital location, home address, etc

Requester Role

  • Self Registration
  • Request New Bookings
  • Request Cancellations
  • See All Bookings or configure locations to see limited bookings
ims requesting interpreter

Customer Testimonials

“Primaxis resolve problems efficiently and professionally. Excellent solutions and fantastic communication. Thank you Primaxis! ”

Lyn Bongiovanni

Manager Language Services, Western Health

“Working with Primaxis team was a pleasant experience.  Their professional and highly advanced IT skills helped our project to be completed on time and to meet our expectations. ”

Emiliano Zucchi

Manager Transcultural & Language Services at Northern Health, Northern Health

IBM Beacon Awards 2018

Primaxis, was one of 17 global partners to collect an IBM Beacon award for Outstanding Collaborative Work Solution, in relation to its interpreter management system (IMS).

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